Rules.. Rules.. Rules...

Some rules are meant to be broken...
Not these ones, these need to be followed!

Rules at Enigma Adelaide Swingers Parties


Consent is EVERYTHING.  Never assume.  Always ask before you touch and be sure everyone is comfortable with what is happening.


Respect EVERYONE.  Other guests at the party, your hosts, our neighbours, your partner, anybody you may play with - and YOURSELF.

Respect that other people may have different interests, perspectives or attractions.


It should go without saying - shower before arrival!
We get it, sometimes when you're having a great time you can make a mess - but please make sure you clean it up.

Be polite

Manners are free. 

Be polite and courteous to everyone you meet.  If you are not interested in somebody, be direct but considerate in telling them so.


Drinks are a great way to break the ice, but remember your good time shouldn't come at the expense of others.
Offensives guests (and their partners) will be asked to leave.

Stay Together

Couples - you come together, you leave together.

No Means No

We REALLY mean it. 

At Enigma, nobody is expected to do anything they don't want to. They say or imply no?  Repect their wishes.

No Phones

The privacy of all guests is extremely important. 

Please feel free to exchange numbers with new friends, but keep phones and all other recording devices in the locker room until you are ready to leave.

Ground Rules

Establish ground rules with your partner BEFORE arriving at the party.  Always stick to the boundaries of the more conservative partner - it is better to leave wanting more than to leave with regrets.

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